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Data is a valuable asset for businesses, but only if it's used effectively. Our Data Strategy and Analysis service helps clients make data-driven decisions to improve their business outcomes.
By using data to make decisions, clients can make more informed choices and improve their business outcomes.
Data analysis can help identify areas for process improvement, leading to more efficient and effective operations.
Using data effectively can give clients a competitive advantage by enabling them to make better decisions faster.
Our team of skilled resources are trained on Data Visualization best practices and tools like Microsoft POWERBI, Salesforce Tableau, Machine Learning models available via Azure and many more.

Case Study: Sales Order Lifecycle Tracking with 3PL

Problem Statement

Every day we had to run different queries across 4 teams to talk about order fulfillment issues and it used to take a 2-4 hour long working session every day with a follow-up of 30-45 min at the end of the day.


We combined multiple data points of integration and keep a track of Sales order lifecycle in D35 F&O and leverage POWERBI for ingestion, transformation and presentation of data.

The Insights were designed to answer the following questions;

    1. How many orders have landed from various channels?
    2. Daily Order count by stages
    3. Which stage orders are stuck for days?
    4. Find shipment status from 3PL for orders placed on a certain date.
    5. Which action needs to be taken for a certain collection of sales orders?
Sales Order Lifecycle Tracking Dashboard
Sales Order Lifecycle Tracking Dashboard
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Data analyst fueling your business with insights!
Data Strategy

We review your Master & Transaction data footprint and advise on aligning with business goals suggest roadmap.

Analytics & Visualization

Analyze your Operational, Merchandizing and Customer 360 data points for aiding business decisions.

Planning & Forecasting

Map and streamline planning and forecasting processes and leverage rule based & AI solutions.

Bespoke Engagement

Looking for something specific to your business needs, we do bespoke engagement models for providing analytical services according to your business initiative.

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